welcome to E-FIXIT

Who We Are ?

E-Fixit team is the leading provider of mobile phone after-sales maintenance solutions in China.Our company was founded in 2012, and we focus on phone maintain area for 9 years, continually enrich range of product and strengthen our brand.

By providing innovative technology and solutions to mobile phone after-sales stores, companies and training schools in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, the company provides a more convenient way of working for mobile phone after-sales maintenance in the world.

Our high quality and young team is the powerful strength to satisfy client demand. In the future, we will try harder, persist and focus more on every demand of clients. Good tools,made by E-FIXIT

Preferred quality,Cheap&easy use

We are E-Fixit Team

Focused on the production and R & D are a variety of comfortable, convenient and innovative mobile phone repair tools and adhsive

Hardware Tools

Professional development and production of hand tools and power tools, hardware plastic products, mobile phone repair aids, etc.

Adhesive and cleaner

Provide mobile phone repair adhesive and glue removal cleaner solutions, and continue to develop new fine chemical products

Accessories and consumables

Provide clean cloth, solder materials, flux, mobile phone repair supplies for the repair industry